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Please read and understand these rules so that you are properly informed about the do's and dont's before your reservation date

  • is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss, or theft of materials, items, or personal property left overnight.

  • It is the responsibility of each customer to secure all items. RV tailgaters should lock food, beverages, and valuables out of sight - chairs, and ice chests, etc.; and store beverages in locked containers.

  • Children should be supervised at all times – please use extreme caution when driving into or leaving the parking lots.

  • Dispose of all trash in trash receptacles located in the lot. The disposal of grease or hazardous materials onto the grounds or into the storm drains is prohibited.

  • Do NOT remove or move cones, signs, or any other traffic control devices.

  • Please be courteous and respectful to all staff.

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